Dear Club Management!

In an aviation organization, there are countless tasks that consume considerable time and are difficult to manage in a transparent and uniform manner. No two organizations are the same, but the tasks are similar, only the solutions have been different so far. Cumuluslog helps you to manage the tasks required for managing the organization on a single platform.

With the help of the Member Registration module, you can keep your pilots' data up to date. The pilots themselves can update their data and upload their documents, thus making the organization's work easier.

You can upload their documents for the airplanes, and the expiration times and the system will send a notification before they expire. Flights entered in the electronic logbook can be called up immediately and appear in the statistics.

For sailing associations, the Timer interface helps to record daily flights. All you need for this is an internet-capable tablet at the start.

With the help of the Financial module, the cost of the flights, divided into items, appears immediately after landing, on the balance of those involved in the flight. The transaction calculation can be flexibly customized. It is also possible to send a balance notification to the pilots.

You can also organize flight days in the system, and those assigned to the day will be notified before the flight. Positions can be changed freely.

The work organization module helps to coordinate the tasks that occur in the operation of the organization. Managers just have to post the job and pilots are free to apply for it and arrange for it to be done. Thus, working hours within the organization can be measured and even credited to the flight balance.

The training module available in the system provides a fully electronic training record. Flights can be assigned to training tasks, where the instructor can approve the task after the evaluation. The training topics can be customized for each organization. An electronic training diary can be printed from the system.

Countless reports can be requested from the data recorded in the system. In this way, the processes can be monitored periodically or individually. The reports can be expanded upon request.

An operational equipment list is also available, which is updated along with the flight operations, so the current status can be queried at any time. Before the expiration date, the system sends a notification.

The system's OGN module detects take-offs and landings, which can be used to record flight data.